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Erectile dysfunction has long ceased to be a rarity and is becoming increasingly common, especially in our stressful times. The sexual health as part of the general well-being of the man is noticeably limited by this.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the permanent inability to obtain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction must be distinguished from other sexual disorders such as lack of sexual desire (libido disorder) or disorders of ejaculation (ejaculation disorders).

Three types of Impotence

In general, impotence is the inability to perform sexual intercourse. The medical profession calls this type of impotence impotentia coeundi. This type of erectile dysfunction is usually meant when talking about impotence. In addition, however, there is also the likewise called impotence impotentia generandi, which is also called impotence. In this case, ejaculation occurs, but the quality or quantity of the semen is not sufficient to produce offspring. And then there is impotentia concupiscentiae, a listlessness. There is desire, but no ability due to a weakened libido.

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Causes of Impotence

There are many causes of impotence. Therefore, always consider the causes of impotence in the overall health context. In about 70 percent of men with erectile dysfunction, impotence has physical causes. In 30 percent of men, on the other hand, psychological reasons are responsible for erectile dysfunction. Psychological and physical causes are explained further below.

Psychological causes

Surgical procedures can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction, such as the impotence often experienced after radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. Many medications such as blood pressure medications, allergy and depression medications, appetite suppressants, sedatives, and medications used to treat stomach ulcers can also lead to impotence. In addition to these organic causes of impotence, in 10-15% of cases, psychological causes such as stress, anxiety, guilt, as well as fear of sexual failure are also possible.

Less Pressure – More Power

There are various approaches to releasing psychological blockages. In the best case, even simple relaxation techniques can help. Autogenic training, meditation and Sensuality training are techniques that can reduce psychological pressure and also dissolve stress.

For deeper causes of erectile dysfunction, sex or couples therapy can be helpful. If the psychological cause is not related to sexuality, but is If the psychological cause is not related to sexuality, but is instead triggered by depression or a crisis of meaning, classical psychotherapy is called for. If the underlying cause is successfully addressed the erectile dysfunction usually disappears as well.

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