Can Eroxel help with Impotency?

Impotency is a common problem in men. It can be described as an inability to maintain sufficient erection to allow for sexual intercourse, or as inability to achieve ejaculation. There are many different types of impotence.

The risk of impotency increases with age. A research study found that impotency is more common in men over 60 than in those under 40. According to research, men with less education are more likely to experience impotence. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including a less healthy lifestyle, a less healthy diet, and less exercise. Below are some causes of impotence.

* High Cholesterol
* Heart Disease
* Metabolic syndrome
* Obesity
* Peyronie’s disease
* Parkinson’s Disease
* Substance Abuse
* Sleep disorder or Insomnia
* Relationship problems
* Blood Vessel Diseases such as Peripheral Vascular Disease
* Hormonal Imbalance
* Systemic diseases

There are three main causes of impotency among men, according to their age group:

1. Younger Men: Anxiety is a common cause of impotency in young men. This could include worries about someone becoming pregnant, not wanting inexperienced, and concern about losing erection when putting a condom onto the penis.

2. Middle-aged Men: Stress, guilt, and having sex in a new relationship could all contribute to impotence in middle-aged men.

3. Older Men: Although 65%-70% of men over 70 years old are sexually active, the risk of impotency increases with age. This could be due to malfunctioning blood vessels carrying blood to the penis. It may also be linked to malfunctioning heart or brain arteries. Both men and women can have problems that impact their sexual lives, such as a loss of libido, inability to erection or premature ejaculation. Many reasons men might experience sexual problems can be given.

It’s possible to feel embarrassed if you have difficulty maintaining erection, or if it is difficult to ejaculate. This is not a problem that you are alone in feeling. Research shows that nearly two-thirds of men suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction. Although it’s not something you should discuss with your closest friends, it is important that you seek out help if you have concerns. The following are some possible reasons for impotence:

1. Physical reasons:

* Side effects of medicine (especially those for blood pressure)
* Infections or sickness
* Diabetes
* Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking
* Obesity and overweight
* High blood pressure can cause a malfunction of the arteries, especially in older men.

2. Psychological Reasons: 

* Stress (it could be related to sex or other aspects of life).
* Concern about sexual relationships
* Tiredness and depression
* Restlessness
* Feeling guilty about sexual performance

My opinion is that most causes of impotence are temporary. They can disappear as soon as they occur. However, if you or your partner feel that something is bothering you, you can take Eroxel capsules. Many men have said that their lives have changed after taking Eroxel.

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